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Telecommunications & Information Technologies

We represent some of our projects in spheres of telecommunications and information technologies.

For the Ulter-West company group – a developer of the Internet software – the following services have been rendered:

  • transformation of Russian (RAS) financial statements into U.S. GAAP ones;

  • consolidation of the group U.S. GAAP financial statements.


For the JIR Broadcast Inc. (USA) from the Leucadia National group and owner of the United Cable Network company group – a provider of the high-speed Internet access and Cable Access TV (CATV) networks – the transformation of Russian RAS financial statements into US GAAP ones has been made.

For Telecom-Centre telecommunication company – a provider of services for professional TV companies and Mass Media agencies, the member of Synterra group – the transformation of Russian (RAS) financial statements into U.S. GAAP has been performed.


For the Russian representative office of Digital Alliance Consortium Limited (Cyprus) the works of the IAS accounting setting on basis of "1C:Enterprise 7.7 Complex version" software have been carried out

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