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Software for Foreign Trade

RayCon   Foreign Trade: Russian Exchange Control


The software is designed to automate the foreign trade companies and consist of the modules:

  • Exchange control of the Russian Federation.

  • International trade payments and currency exchange

  • Export from 1C into client bank systems

  • Contracts and shipping documents generator from 1C into MS Word

The software is developed on the "1C:Enterprise 8" platform as an additional subsystem to typical configurations (download the manual in Russian):

  • 1C:Accounting PROF v.3

  • 1C:Accounting CORP v.3

  • 1C:Accounting CORP IFRS v.3

  • 1C:Complex Automation v.2

  • 1C:Trade Management v.11

  • 1C:Holding Management v.3

  • 1C:ERP Enterprise Management v.2

  • 1C:ERP Holding Management v.3


The exchange control module ensures the formation of all the necessary accounting and reporting forms on foreign exchange transactions in accordance with the current currency legislation of the Russian Federation:

  • The federal law dated December 10, 2003 No.173-FZ "About the currency regulation and exchange control";

  • The instruction of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation dated August 16, 2017 No.181-i "About the procedure for submitting by residents and non-residents to authorized banks of confirming documents and information concerning the currency transactions, about unified forms of accounting and reporting of currency transactions, the procedure and terms for their submission".

The regulation on the formation of exchange control documents allows importers and exporters to eliminate completely the risks of paying fines in accordance with Part 6 of Article 15.25 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. The size of such fines can be up to 600,000 Rubles for legal entities and up to 40,000 Rubles for officials.

The main advantage of the RayCon Foreign Trade software is the increase in the labor productivity of the foreign exchange controller by an order of magnitude i.e an annual license will pay off in no more than a month.

The RayCon Foreign Trade software also includes the RayCon Payment Order and Currency Exchange module preparing the documents of foreign currency payments and currency purchase and sale.


RayCon Payment Order & Currency Exchange

The software is intended to automate international payments and ensures the formation of:

  • The foreign currency remittance in accordance with the SWIFT MT-103 format

  • Bank accounts in accordance with IBAN in the Eurozone

  • Clearing systems (ABA, FW, CHIPS, CHAPS, etc.)

  • Currency purchase and sale documents:

    • Sale of foreign currency from the transit currency account

    • Sale of foreign currency from the current currency account

    • Transfer of foreign currency from a transit currency account to a current one

    • Foreign currency purchase for Rubles

    • Foreign currency purchase for another foreign currency


The RayCon Payment Order & Currency Exchange is included in the delivery of the RayCon Foreign Trade but can be delivered separately as an independent subsystem. The license prices are in the Price List.


RayCon Client Bank


The software exports from 1C the currency documents (currency payment, exchange control, currency purchase and sale) into client-bank systems in the different file formats (txt, csv, xml, etc.).
Currently, we have the integration experience with the following client-bank systems:

  • iBank 2 from BIFIT

  • INIST Bank-Client from INIST

  • BS-Client x64 from BSS

  • OPTIM Clic from Credit Agricole bank

  • ELBRUS Internet from Raiffeisenbank (including the enclosed pdf file in binary code)

  • Bank+Client SFT from SFT

  • Internet-Bank i2B from Sankt-Petersburg bank

The RayCon Client Bank software is not included in the RayCon Foreign Trade package and is supplied optionally. The license prices are in the Price List.


RayCon Exim Dox

The software provides printing from 1C to MS Word in file formats doc, docx of offers, foreign trade contracts, additional agreements, annexes, specifications, as well as any other shipping documents in Russian and in foreign languages.
Setting up MS Word templates for most documents can be done by the user without involving 1C programmers.

The shipping documents may be, for example, the following:

  • Orders:

    • Booking Confirmation

    • Offer

    • Purchase Order

  • Invoices:

    • Commercial Invoice

    • Pro Forma Invoice

  • Waybills:

    • Air Waybill

    • Bill of Lading

    • CMR Transport Document

    • Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt

    • Sea Waybill

    • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

  • Certificates:

    • Certificate of Origin

    • Certificate of Analysis

    • Certificate of Free Sale

    • Dangerous Goods Certificate

    • Fumigation Certificate

    • Health Certificate

    • Ingredients Certificate

    • Insurance Certificate

    • Inspection Certificate

    • Phytosanitary Certificate

    • Pre-Shipment Inspections

    • Radiation Certificate

    • Weight Certificate

  • Other documents:

    • Warehouse Warrant

    • Packing List

    • etc.


The RayCon Exim Dox software is not included in the RayCon Foreign Trade package and is supplied optionally. The license prices are in the Price List.


The package includes a demo example in the form of a bilingual English-Russian contract for the export of goods, developed on the basis of a model contract kindly provided by the Russian Export Center. The data received from 1C are marked with blue text.



Licenses and Delivery Terms


The initial license is issued for a year. The license prices for the first year (lump sum payments) are in the Price List. The license prices for each subsequent year (royalties) are 30% of the original license prices.

Download the license agreement for the RayCon software series in Russian.

Programs are delivered and updated by downloading from our FTP server.


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