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Фирма 1С

1C Firm, Moscow. The largest Russian developer of economic software 1C:Enterprise series


Info-Park consulting group, Moscow

Нео Консалтинг

Neo Consulting, Moscow

Т.И.П. Консалтинг

T.I.P. Consulting: Auditors & Accountants, Moscow

Alinga Consulting Group

Alinga Consulting Group, the member of PrimeGlobal, Moscow

Экспортеры России

Exporters of Russia – the most full catalog of Russian exporters

ВЭД Консалтинг

VED Consulting – the analytical journal for Russian foreign traders


Finprosoft company doing business as ITAN is a developer of a software product line on the 1C framework for corporate finance automation. The project on IFRS automation was jointly completed in the Swiss company Liebherr.

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