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Software for IFRS Automation

Our company is specialized in the organization of parallel accounting by two standards: RAS and IFRS. Since each such project is unique, we recommend our clients to the software that best fits their business logic and matches the degree of financial discipline. No other company in Russia will not be able to offer you such a wide range of automation software products in accordance with IFRS:

  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Corporate Finance Management


  • NC:IASOFT. IFRS for 1C:Accounting 8

  • ITAN:Managerial Balance PROF

  • RayCon Double Accounts. IFRS for 1C:Accounting 8

  • RayCon Responsibility Centers and Financial Control. Income Statement Detailed by Responsibility Centers in Russian and English

  • RayCon Financial Reporter. Financial Statement Generator from 1C into MS Excel (IFRS, Management Reporting, etc.) for 1C:Accounting 8

  • RayCon IFRS Service Pack for 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 1.3

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