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Our company can offer you a very useful tool of control over your business, which is forensic.

Forensic is also known as forensic accounting, forensic audit, fraud investigation, investigative accounting, or fraud audit.

The services of this kind are not wide-spread in Russia yet, mainly because the owners of the business do not see their difference with a common audit. However, it is sometimes very useful to know what exactly is going on in business and whether the financial statements are really as true and fair as they are supposed to be.

The trouble with a common audit is that the auditors communicate with the management and the auditors are paid by financial management who actually choose the auditor. The ordinary auditors are not very keen on disclosing in their reports the whole truth about the management, because in this case they would be never hired again.

Forensic can serve the specific purpose to disclose the whole truth to the owners of the business. In accordance with our experience, the report on the results of fraud investigation can save a lot of money for investors and business owners. For example, investors from the USA withdrew their money of $7million invested in a plywood factory, where the CEO was using their investments to start his own fraudulent business on the site of the factory. Or, in a smaller case, the owner found out that his top manager was selling cars to his friends and relatives with a huge discount.

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